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Ukumbi is Swahili, the most widely spoken language in sub-Saharan Africa.
It means a forum, veranda and a meeting place for dialogue and interaction.

Our Story

UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur is a brain child of two African women passionate about transforming communities through socio-economic empowerment. Having grown up and worked in LDC countries like Uganda, the belief to see people in control of their livelihoods strengthened the need for a program like UKUMBI – to create sustainability by supporting businesses that address problems in the communities.

The world is becoming a global marketplace necessitating the need to produce entrepreneurs that can effectively compete in the global arena. The socio-economic inequality, lack of or access to resources and particularly, the frustration of the lack of sustainable impact that’s wide spread in communities with the intervention programs in existence compelled the founders to develop a program that works across all sectors in business and tailored to suit entrepreneurs at all stages in their maturity.

The UKUMBI Philosophy





Connecting Two Worlds.


To promote socio-economic development through fostering entrepreneurship growth


To provide affordable and accessible customized services for entrepreneurs

About UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur

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