About Ukumbi

Ukumbi is Swahili, the most widely spoken language in sub-Saharan Africa.
It means a forum, veranda and a meeting place for dialogue and interaction.

Our Story

UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur is a brain child of two African women passionate about transforming communities through socio-economic empowerment. Having grown up and worked in LDC countries like Uganda, the belief to see people in control of their livelihoods strengthened the need for a program like UKUMBI – to create sustainability by supporting businesses that address problems in the communities.

The world is becoming a global marketplace necessitating the need to produce entrepreneurs that can effectively compete in the global arena. The socio-economic inequality, lack of or access to resources and particularly, the frustration of the lack of sustainable impact that’s wide spread in communities with the intervention programs in existence compelled the founders to develop a program that works across all sectors in business and tailored to suit entrepreneurs at all stages in their maturity.

The UKUMBI Philosophy





Connecting Two Worlds.


To promote socio-economic development through fostering entrepreneurship growth


To provide affordable and accessible customized services for entrepreneurs

Advisory Team.

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Dr. Karin Stumpf, MBA

Dr. Karin is a German entrepreneur specialized in the consultancy and training of leaders in Europe, America and Asia. Having spent 4 years in Cameroon as a child she feels deeply connected to the African continent and has been working with African entrepreneurs for the last 6 years, providing financial and strategic guidance to aspiring SMEs. In her role within UKUMBI, she focuses on building a strong community of Volunteer Consultants.

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Alice Darko, PIEMA

Alice Darko PIEMA, is a Ghanaian business consultant providing business advisory and advocacy services to SMEs in the Oil & Gas sector. She also specializes in Marketing and Sustainability Management across sectors. As a Volunteer Consultant, she offers expert advice to entrepreneurs in East Africa and supports UKUMBI in its fundraising efforts..

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Abhishek Gupta

A resident of Singapore, Abhishek received his bachelor’s degree from National University of Singapore and is currently working in the Innovation Team at Visa. He has worked extensively with non-profits in Asia and Africa and is passionate about capacity building, entrepreneurship and mentoring. He leads the Co-operate Partnerships and Strategy at UKUMBI

Management Team.

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Hendricah. R. Nabukwasi

CEO & Co-Founder

Hendricah is the CEO and Co-Founder of UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur; with a background in Actuarial Science and a special focus on Statistics, Research and Economics, Hendricah has been engaged in the entrepreneurial ecosystem space in Africa; An experienced entrepreneur herself, she has worked with entrepreneurs on the African continent in different sectors. A lover of entrepreneurship and eager to see what the other side holds for a struggling entrepreneur. She has been lucky enough to do work that impacts positively on people’s lives and gives back to the community.

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Justine Mugala

Client Relations Lead.

Justine acknowledges that however small a business idea is, it can sprout into a Multi-Million Dollar Business. Working with Government Bodies, NGOs and Corporate Companies influenced Justine to support and participate in Innovation and Business Development. Currently she works as a Client Relations Manager at UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur, engaging partners and building working relations with the different entrepreneurs. She holds a Diploma in Business Computing and Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work & Social Administration from Ndejje University.

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Mebrah Kobusingye

Project Manager

Mebrah is passionate about accelerating business growth and development amongst SME’s. She is a Project Manager at UKUMBI for the Entrepreneur and her main role is to organize and coordinate consulting sessions between Volunteer Consultants and the Entrepreneurs to ensure they run smoothly. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Kyambogo University, Uganda with experience in Data Analysis and Research..

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Christine Iyura

Finance Lead

Christine Iyura is a Finance expert with experience in International Non-government Organization reporting. Prior to this, she had been working in the imports and distribution sector based out in Uganda as well as having worked in the Banking Industry. Her role at UKUMBI is to ensure systematic reporting, budgeting and accountability in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards and business best practices.

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